A lot has happened since HCL acquired the IBM Collaboration Solution Portfolio. The last two fixpacks for Notes/Domino 10 have been created and released directly by HCL, and since mid-September even the successor is available as first beta. Since a few days beta 2 is already available.

Notes/Domino 11 brings some new features:

New UI for the client
Advanced calendar functions, including the ability to create an appointment for more than 24 hours
New, tidy masks for mail and calendar in the 11 mail template
Firm integration of the Marvel Client into the infrastructure with improved client control
Domino as IAM server via OAuth with support of reader and author fields
New LotusScript classes for GPS data, especially interesting for programming apps that can run on tablets and phones in Nomad
Sametime gets a new look and the Community Server now runs on 64bit Windows systems
Traveler supports the display of attachments in calendar entries
Active Sync 16.x
Also 24h+ dates also in the Traveler/Verse App

HCL will present the final version 11 in a live event from Tokyo on December 4, 2019. We expect that from then on it will be available for customers with active maintenance (= FlexNet account). Here you can register for the event.

Mobile is trumps

In addition, the mobile app “HCL Nomad” has been updated several times during the last weeks (the beta) – for iPad as well as for iPhone and Android devices. There were a few problems with the integrated Marvel Client during the initial setup, but these have been fixed in the meantime.

Nomad even brings legacy Notes apps to the mobile device, and thanks to the extensions from the LS-API, there are even special functions that are only available on such devices.

Beta Program

If you’ve looked at the betas for the client, server and app and wanted to give feedback (and still can), you’ll find space for comments and bug reports in the beta forum. Again, there is quite a lot going on here and it shows again that the community is very interested and the product itself is far from being sidelined. HCL is doing a fantastic job and delivers as announced.

Concerning XPages we are often asked how things are going on there. Basically, XPages will remain an integral part of the server and Domino Designer, so that investments in this technology are safe. However, they are currently not in the focus of further development but only of bug fixes. In terms of web technologies, HCL is increasingly relying on Javascript or Nodejs. This can be seen in the permanent development of the gRPC interface as well as the integration of IAM with OAuth and the AppDev Pack in general.

Customers who want to make their Notes apps portable are sure to rely on the adaptations for Nomad and the touch interface or on third-party products such as Aveedo, which bring legacy apps to the browser or mobile devices with little effort (low code).

As a third option, HCL Leap will be a component of the Domino Server (under the name “Domino Builder”) in the course of the coming year, with which applications can also be generated by the so-called “Citizen Developer” by means of no-code/low-code, similar to the procedure as more than 25 years ago with MS Access or MS Foxpro – only in the browser. Whether HCL Leap will be included in the license is currently still open.


Finally, on December 4, there will be the live event for the finished version 11 from Tokyo, where the next factory tour will take place.

We are curious what is coming up. A perfect overview will certainly be given by Engage 2020, which will take place in the Netherlands again this time. Arnhem is the city where the Yellow Bubble will come together – again in a zoo. For the first time, however, this event will no longer be completely free for participants. However, Theo and his team are calling for very affordable 99 euros for two days of sessions, nerd talks, round tables and get-togethers – a price that is definitely worthwhile and certainly only covers a fraction of the event otherwise financed by sponsors. If you have never been on a commitment before, but are enthusiastic about the HCL CWP, you simply have to be there.

The year 2019 ends excitingly and we are looking forward to a successful 2020. Are you with us?