We4IT meets Praxis-Summercamp of the University of Bremen, organized by Dr. Martin Holi – Chair of SMEs, Start-ups and Entrepreneurship (LEMEX) – DIGILAB Innovation Projects Department 07.

Students create comprehensive online marketing concept

For the second time, the University of Bremen has organized the Praxis-Summercamp for students and local companies. The Praxis-Summercamp is an intensive 3-week format in which 12 companies contribute concrete project tasks that are worked on by small student teams. This usually involves working directly at the company for a large portion of the time. This year, the students worked on the advertised projects in the period from 05.08.- 23.08.2019. The results of the teams were finally presented in a large round to the students and the companies in the Kraftwerk City Accelerator Bremen.

We4IT participated in the format for the second time this year. This year’s task was to develop a go-to-market strategy for an Outlook add-in (MAILISSA) and analyze it on test customers.


Satisfied faces at the final event (from left: Thao, Yannic, Betreuer André und Timo)

With Yannic, Thao and Timo, we had three students on site who handled the challenging task with aplomb. During the project, the team created a marketing video, user manual and a first draft of the landing page. Our student team was able to achieve a super result at the final event due to a high degree of self-organization and willingness to perform.

“Due to the free design options, personal responsibility and confidence shown, we were able to use our learned knowledge from the study well and through constructive feedback achieve a super result in the end. Through the intensive collaboration, we were able to learn a lot of new things within the 3 weeks.”

Timo – Practice Summercamp participant

We were also very pleased with the performance of the students and are happy to welcome three new working students at We4IT. Together we want to complete the project and are looking forward to further support in future projects.

Welcome to the team!


Praxis Summercamp: https://www.uni-bremen.de/wiwi/praxis/angebote-fuer-unternehmen/