We4IT GmbH has successfully sold its previous subsidiary, Nintera GmbH (https://nintera.com), to MEKO-S GmbH (https://www.mekos.de), a member of GROUPLINK Holding GmbH. With this acquisition, all employees of Nintera GmbH will be transferred to MEKO-S GmbH.


We, at We4IT, are convinced that this acquisition will be of great benefit to both Nintera and MEKO-S and their customers. The combination of experience, expertise and innovative solutions will sustainably increase the performance and attractiveness of MEKO-S. Luigi Argentato, Managing Director of MEKO-S GmbH, shares this positive assessment and is looking forward to working with Nintera’s experienced professionals.


With the transition to MEKO-S GmbH, Nintera also becomes part of GROUPLINK Holding GmbH. GROUPLINK, founded at the beginning of 2022 through the participation of the growth investors PATRIMONIUM Private Equity Advisors and Wille Finance in Netzlink Informationstechnik GmbH, pursues the goal of consolidating and implementing the growth and future strategy of the holding company and its individual companies. The inclusion of MEKO-S in the holding in November 2022 and now the integration of Nintera are important steps in this strategy.


We4IT GmbH looks positively into the future and is confident that the sale of Nintera GmbH to MEKO-S GmbH represents a win-win situation for all parties involved.


For further information or possible questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.