Recently the latest update for Mailissa has been released. In the course of the update many functions were revised and some new ones were added. In the following you will find an overview of the most important changes and innovations.

Mailissa Team:

Configurable Categories

Names and colors can be freely defined in the middleware

Category “Assigned” is set automatically

If a user puts an e-mail in the “Edit” status, the category “Assigned” is automatically set.

Mailissa Transfer:

Order of the connectors can be changed

Order can now be changed by Drag&Drop

Category for transferred e-mail

A transferred e-mail is now assigned a category. Color and title are configurable.

Context-related history

In addition to the global history, there is now a context-related history, which is displayed according to the sender address.

Favorites for history

Entries in the global and sender-specific history can now be saved as favorites

New UI element for multiple selection

A combo box that allows multiple selections. Event NextStep is triggered when the box is closed.

New UI element for long lists

Lists can now be shown as radio buttons at the first display. After selecting a value, the list becomes a combo box.

Rename favorites

Favorites can now be given their own label.

Already transferred e-mails are marked in the Add-In

If the Add-In is opened for an e-mail that has already been transferred, a message is displayed indicating that this e-mail has already been transferred.

We would be pleased to show you the new and revised functions in a personal live demo. We look forward to hearing from you!