On 17.07.2020 the launch webinar of HCL Verse 2.0 took place. Version 2.0 is more modern and secure than ever before. HCL Verse 2.0 helps you to organize your day better and increases the efficiency and performance of your teamwork.

Here are some features of the latest version:

  • You can now use Verse as a browser-based standalone application (progressive web application).
  • There is a new standard interface for React calendar events. Scheduling a meeting is even easier with this new user experience.
  • On the Verse Settings page, you can now create, edit and delete email rules, so you can always perform new actions on all incoming emails.
  • Improved search allows you to narrow your search criteria to a user-defined date range.
  • With the new 3-click rule for attachments, you now need to click a confirmation link to download and execute attachments and links from external sources (in email or calendar notifications). This reduces the risk to your business.
  • Before you send a new email, you can choose to save it to a preferred folder. You can now send and file your email simultaneously.
  • Inbox messages are now updated with a pulldown on mobile devices.
  • After a session timeout, re-authentication is now performed via a new window (dialog box) so that your data in the original window is not lost.

The complete documentation can be found here.

What is HCL Verse?

Based on HCL Domino, Verse is a proven, reliable and trusted enterprise email platform. As a personalizable and easy-to-use enterprise mail software, Verse helps your company to increase productivity. With the persistent calendar view, you can view your calendar and access important contacts at any time. With HCL Verse you can check attachments, reply to emails and see if colleagues have tasks or new information for you or need something from you – without leaving your edited email. The verses interface lets you publish content to social networks or send instant messages. Share files in the cloud or host online meetings. With HCL Verse, you can significantly increase productivity in your teams.


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