The current exceptional situation with regard to the coronavirus affects all of us in everyday life as well as in a professional context. Thanks to our agile and digital way of working, we are also well prepared for the changes and restrictions of the coming weeks. In order to protect the health of our employees, we mainly work in the home office.

Despite exceptional situation – full operational capability

Despite the corona crisis the work at We4IT continues. All current projects will be continued and new requests will be processed immediately. We are still fully operational and available for you, albeit in a modified form. All appointments and customer meetings will be conducted online or by phone for the time being to avoid the risk of further spreading of the virus. The implementation, consulting and execution of all projects as well as the commissioning of new software solutions can still be carried out remotely.

Software solutions during the crisis

Many companies are facing major operational and economic challenges. New digital solutions are needed to ensure smooth business operations even in times of the high volume of home offices. We are glad to be able to help companies with the conversion and coordination with some of our software solutions.

Our Aveedo Low Code Business Application Platform is easy to use on the road. In addition, the Aveedo Community Edition is free to use.

Our Outlook Add-In MAILISSA can also help you in the current situation. With MAILISSA TEAM, you can, for example, provide e-mails in collective mailboxes with a history and processing status and coordinate tasks in your home office, thereby maintaining an overview. Work closely with your colleagues, even at a distance.

Thanks to our Cloud & Managed Service, you can leave the monitoring and operation of your digital infrastructure to our experts. Using the software you need in your home office is no longer a problem.