Once a year, the Bremen Founders’ Prize of the Sparkasse Bremen is awarded to start-ups from our beautiful Hanseatic city. This time the prize was awarded virtually to the four nominated start-ups due to the coronavirus. The usual prize money of 10.000€ was doubled and distributed among all four participants. There was 8.000€ for the first place and 4.000€ each for the three second place winners. Among the four nominees were JUST ADD AI (JAAI), the start-ups MyEnso (online supermarket), ELISE (software for engineers) and Freiheit Media (agency for digital marketing).

The AI company JUST ADD AI GmbH, which was founded three years ago by We4IT GmbH, could record great successes again this year and was deservedly awarded with the first place of the Bremen Founding Award 2020. 

JUST ADD AI – Successful start-up with exciting projects

The JUST ADD AI GmbH is a software company that helps companies to integrate artificial intelligence in their business field by developing and implementing AI software. Thereby exciting AI solutions are developed for various industries. For example, AI-based camera systems were developed for a German automotive group and automotive supplier to improve the control of robots and quality control with artificial intelligence. Camera monitoring systems have also been made more efficient. The trigger mechanism of surveillance cameras is often activated by trees moving in the wind, triggering a large number of false alarms. Thanks to the developed AI system, false alarms are automatically sorted out and the alarm is only triggered when people are visible, even as a shadowy movement.

The JAAI has also penetrated into the field of soccer. In cooperation with Werder Bremen, a method for the automated extraction of data from soccer videos was developed. The AI recognizes, for example, ball actions and speed of the player in the video. With the development of an AI-based platform for the optimization of soccer scouting, the spin-out SCOUTASTIC was born. The platform helps soccer clubs to analyze scouting reports and combines them with exclusive player data from transfermarkt.de.

When it comes to artificial intelligence in business, there is no getting around the use of chatbots. Here too, JUST ADD AI is at the forefront with its second spin-out botario, which creates its own chatbot management platform. With botario chatbots can be created, managed and optimized efficiently and easily. Also we at We4IT GmbH implement AI projects based on botario for you. If you want to learn more about it, just click here.

JAAI as catalyst for artificial intelligence in Bremen

As initiator of BREMEN.AI, a cluster for artificial intelligence in Bremen and umzu, and the AI info portal JAAI.de, JUST ADD AI GmbH plays an important role for the AI community in Bremen. BREMEN.AI is a network in which a regular exchange of the Bremen AI scene is organized in order to promote Bremen’s AI economy and the networking of business and science. Thus, Bremen plays an absolute pioneering role in the field of artificial intelligence throughout Germany.

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