JUST ADD AI GmbH (JAAI) specializes in the development and implementation of AI software and can look back on a large number of exciting AI projects. Artificial intelligence is already finding its way into many sectors of the economy and our everyday lives by making it possible to evaluate huge amounts of data efficiently and in a targeted manner. In professional soccer, for example, enormous amounts of data and performance values are available for every game and every player. At this point, the JAAI spin-out SCOUTASTIC, through the use of artificial intelligence, helps clubs, talent scouts and player advisors to make optimal use of the collected data volumes. To advance the use of artificial intelligence in professional soccer, Transfermarkt GmbH & Co. KG and JUST ADD AI GmbH are entering into a joint venture. Transfermarkt acquires 50.1 percent of the shares in the JAAI subsidiary SCOUTASTIC GmbH. Transfermarkt’s entry is a great success, as SCOUTASTIC benefits from the unique international market access. In addition, almost all scouts worldwide use Transfermarkt’s databases. In the future, many of them may also use SCOUTASTIC.


SCOUTASTIC is a central platform for management and planning of all scouting activities. The scouting reports are exclusively supplemented with all player data from transfermarkt.de and then analyzed using artificial intelligence. Scouting is optimized by automatically collecting and analyzing the enormous amounts of data and offers an increased basis for decision-making through the automated comparison of scouting reports. Other external data sources can also be easily integrated. An intuitive user interface ensures fluid processes and the platform can be individually configured to meet the requirements of the clubs.


JUST ADD AI GmbH is a software company that helps companies to understand and integrate artificial intelligence into their business by developing and implementing AI software. Besides the programming of individual solutions, the focus is mainly on the development of own AI software products. As soon as an AI software is marketable and has its first customers, it is spun off into a subsidiary where it is further specialized. Previous spin-offs are SCOUTASTIC GmbH and botario GmbH. While SCOUTASTIC revolutionizes professional soccer, botario is a chatbot management platform. With botario, chatbots can be easily created, managed and optimized. We4IT also implements AI projects based on botario for you. If you would like to learn more about botario, simply click here. 

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