Once a year, the Bremen Founders’ Prize of the Sparkasse Bremen is awarded to start-ups from our beautiful Hanseatic city. This time the prize was awarded virtually to the four nominated start-ups due to the coronavirus. The usual prize money of 10.000€ was doubled and distributed among all four participants. There was 8.000€ for the first place and 4.000€ each for the three second place winners. Among the four nominees were JUST ADD AI (JAAI), the start-ups MyEnso (online supermarket), ELISE (software for engineers) and Freiheit Media (agency for digital marketing). Read more

For the third time, we participated in the PRAXIS Summercamp of the University of Bremen. The PRAXIS Summercamp is an intensive 3-week format in which Bremen companies post concrete project tasks that are worked on by small student teams. Despite this year’s special situation, this time four students supported us in developing and implementing a chatbot on our website. Read more

Recently the latest update for Mailissa has been released. In the course of the update many functions were revised and some new ones were added. In the following you will find an overview of the most important changes and innovations. Read more

Thanks to low code, HCL Domino Volt makes it easy to develop powerful, secure, and enterprise-ready applications. HCL is committed to a continuous delivery cycle and released the first major release of Domino Volt on July 28, 2020. Read more

On 17.07.2020 the launch webinar of HCL Verse 2.0 took place. Version 2.0 is more modern and secure than ever before. HCL Verse 2.0 helps you to organize your day better and increases the efficiency and performance of your teamwork. Read more

Normality is slowly returning to our world, including work life. The home office is still the preferred place to work at, and many will certainly continue to do so – and that’s a good thing. We have learned that this is how it works. Read more

These are excited and exciting times in which we currently live and work. Many of us may experience for the first time what it means not to go to the office to do our daily work – if that is even possible. Read more

Despite the Corona crisis, we offer you our full service without any restrictions. Even from your home office we remain one hundred percent ready for you. Read more


The current exceptional situation with regard to the coronavirus affects all of us in everyday life as well as in a professional context. Thanks to our agile and digital way of working, we are also well prepared for the changes and restrictions of the coming weeks. In order to protect the health of our employees, we mainly work in the home office. Read more

Flexible and agile business software? How great would it be!

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