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Quality and speed of information determine survival and success on the market.

We are an international provider of software solutions and information technologies and have been committed to our clients since 2001 with a comprehensive service offering aiming to improve their information structures.
The We4IT Group specialises in the business areas of groupware and e-business and aims at organising information for you in a practical and efficiency increasing way.
As IBM Premier BusinessPartner, we use the broad IBM Lotussoftware product portfolio.
  • Manage email signatures central and dynamically

    With Crossware Mail Signature, you can extend your IBM Notes email platform to automatically include professional looking signatures and disclaimers on every email leaving your company. 
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  • Process management - as easy as a-b-c!

    We4IT ProcessFlow starts where it makes the most sense - with the end user Every one of your employees will be able to chart processes without programming knowledge. These are then passed to a technician for finalizing. Benefit from the know-how of your employees and let them develop automated business processes.
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  • Your IBM Notes® data anywhere at any time!

    With We4IT docLinkr we show you how to easily enable access to your IBM Notes data on mobile devices. You can make every Notes database available to your mobile devices - both smartphones and tablets - within minutes without having to change the database and without any programming knowledge..

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